Anthony V Loh

Emerging photograhper - currently living in Bangkok

"I want to share something with you: Your workshop is an eye-opener. Of the dozens of workshops I have taken in New York, none were 'therapy' workshops. We would either just shoot and shoot, or we would just look at the photos of the instructors. Most of the lessons in New York were mainly on the technical accuracy - rule of thirds, lead-in line, vanishing point, etc. In your workshop, I got to see how you evaluated my work and works of other people as we all interacted. After your workshop, I revisited my photo collection and to be honest, a majority of them are mediocre at best. I will toss out most of them when I redo my 'portfolio'. My wife didn't have the heart to tell me, but when I told her what you had told me, she agreed. You have inspired me to start two projects - 'Book of Reflections' and 'Book of Shades' - concurrently. Thank you once again, and I definitely look forward to your future workshops ." With best regards, Anthony