"Back in Bangkok, after a photo tour in Ayutthaya, I finally got the chance to meet Dennie and Dk.

And well, to say the least, they turned everything I thought I knew about photography upside down. Their first assignment was to teach me to become one with my Speedlight camera flash, which they did with honor. I had two, both fun and educational, hours together with a really inspiring couple and after that moment I realized there was more to photographing than point and shoot.


Since our first meeting I´ve participated on several meet ups with Dennie and Dk, where we have been shooting both stock photos and nudes. I have also photographed several models with Dennie and he has reviewed my images giving me invaluable advice on my road to mastering this new hobby of mine.


I´ve left Bangkok now but continue my new career with studies and photo excursions. However I more than ever long to go back down there meet up with Dennie, Dk and Bangkok Photographers again to show off with what I´ve learned since last I met them but above all to spend some time with my darn fun mentors, have a Gin and Tonic and plan for setting off on the next model shoot together."

Kenneth Bock